Nicholas Denis Ferentinos (1942-2016)

Nick FerentinosThe Mercury’s obituary of Nick ran today—providing a fitting occasion to finally share this site more publicly, though it’s been in the works for some time.

The Tribute-writing frenzy in December served as quite the throwback to an older kind of writing for publication. But many also wondered how we could move our tributes, and perhaps the Epitaph community itself, into the digital era. We hope this site will provide an online home for those of us Nick touched through his role as the driving spirit behind The Epitaph.

As attested by the tributes and news coverage since, this community reaches beyond the lucky staffers and students trained under his watchful eye to the broader Homestead community and even further, across the world of national and international scholastic journalism he loved so dearly.

In his illness and now his passing, Nick continued to do what he did so well in life, both personally and professionally: bring people together. Students across Epitaph eras, united by our love of Nick (and a marked appreciation for the power of deadlines to focus creative energy), contributed to the tribute volumes we were honored to deliver. (We are planning to make the tributes available here; coming soon!)

Thanks to Patrick’s amazingly evocative mockEpitaphTributePage-flat, we were able to give Nick a glimpse of the plans in store for this site last month. We know he loved the idea of having a virtual home for this community and the legacy of this special era of The Epitaph.

The site is still under construction, but we would be honored to feature your contributions, which you can submit using this form. (Please bear with delays as we get up to speed.)

While we’re not sure this online home can meet the high standards of our formative experiences in C-53, we hope Nick’s spirit will watch over us as we gather in the virtual staffroom to dance virtual hosannas to his memory.

Finally: we could not avoid the obvious in finding the right name for this site. But in this incarnation, we know it won’t be the last word.


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