Goodbye Nick – A Spirit Lives On

Thank you Nick for your timeless influence on all of us.

After Homestead, I somehow survived college and life thereafter based primarily on the critical thinking, bonhomie and (yes) impeccable grammatical lessons that you instilled in me at the Epitaph, in class and after hours.

My only regret—despite having rhapsodized constantly over the years of your wonderful impact—was not having thanked you in person as a grown adult. Your questioning of society wrapped in the power of the word (buttressed by perfect grammar) were and continue to be a positive ripple effect. Your spirit not only engraved an indelible influence on my life but also, as I ended up leaving the cocoon of California and traveling the world,  your values were channelled and continued to indirectly influence the lives of other people I met in later life.

So as the world devolves into 140-character limits, your independent spirit lives on. I remain a constant student who will resist social expediency over individual integrity. More importantly, I remain a true lover of the English language and—you will be proud—to the end of my life, will wrestle with the ideal word choice and the proper placement of semicolons, commas and periods.

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